Empire Preschool is a bilingual preschool with a focus on each child's whole development: small/large motor skills, independence, focus, self-discipline, team work, socialization skills, grace & courtesy, environmental awareness, creative expression, innovative thinker, and academics. We incorporate both traditional and Montessori approach while teaching children in Mandarin and English.  

3 mo - 24 mo

Focuses on:

  • Provide infants with a secure base for exploration

  • Respond to their needs in sensitive ways

  • Encourage early language development

  • Help children establish autonomy

  • Support children as they make connections between things they learn

  • Guide children as they learn to regulate their behavior

2 - 3 yr
Focuses on:
  • Potty training
  • basic self-help skills such as putting on their own jackets, socks, shoes, and changing clothes.
  • building language skills both in English and Mandarin
  • Empowering the "creative thinker"
  • building academic foundations - Alphabets, phonics, numbers, shapes, colors.
  • develop small motor skill and hand eye coordination through Montessori works.
  • develop focus and attention span for later academic learning success.
3 - 5 yr
  • Fully potty trained
  • Able to follow instructions
Focuses on:
  • Kindergarten readiness - Reading, writing, and math
  • Montessori areas - Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Physical and Life science.
  • Empowering the "creative thinker"
  • Develop important life long skill such as strong social skills, problem solving, logical thinking and decision making.
  • Develop leadership skill through being role models in classroom.
  • Develop public speaking skill through singing, speaking, and performing in front of peers and teachers.


T: 650-212-2353